Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bigfoot , o mi amigo Patagrande.

1st Place in Stylised Challenge January 2009 (2D Artist Magazine).
My stylised version of Bigfoot. ;)


RayJbraz - Illustrator from Brazil said...

Congratulations! Very good illustrations.

Rolando Mallada said...

Thank you very much!!!

Take care

asdqwe said...

Great! Like all your works, which are wonderful!
Why not create a tutorial for us young? :P
But...where did you learn to draw like that?

Ps: excuse for my bad english XD

Rolando Mallada said...

Thanks so much! I glad that you like it.
I'll upload a couple of tutorials soon.
I learn looking at the masters of comic and illustration.

Take care

Air's Air it Out Station said...
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Luis said...

Great work! got work if your interested

Rolando Mallada said...

Luis, How are you?
In september I begin to work in a very big project. I can't speak of that yet. It's a big license.

Un abrazo.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Muy grosso tu laburo Rolo!!!

El hijo de Taibox said...

Hola, acabo de leer el supuesto primer crossover del comic nacional...Seamos sinceros, en serio, es horrible, no pueden darle más trascendencia que la que merece una revista barrial de una zona carenciada. He dicho