Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Marvel Sketches #2

Here a new Marvel's character sketch. Thor!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Marvel Sketches #1

Captain America & Sabertooth sketches.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

FCBD 2008 Cover for Ape.

Cover for the Free Comic Book Day 2008, for Ape Comics.

Teddy Scares Back-Cover

The back-cover for the Teddy Scares Book #3. Pencil & Color.

Teddy Scares: Rasputin 5.

The first page in pencil and color of the fifth episode of Rasputin.

Teddy Scares: Rasputin 4.

The page #2 of the fourth episode of Rasputin.

Teddy Scares: Rasputin 3.

Two pages of Rasputin episode 3.

Teddy Scares: The death of Edwin

Two pages of The Death of Edwin.
Originally this story was going to be published for the Free Comic Book Day 2007, but finished going out in the Teddy Scares book #1.

Teddy Scares: Rasputin 2.

One page of second episode of Rasputin.

It's time of Teddy Scares!

Two pages of the Teddy Scares' first story that I made for Ape Comics. Featuring the ravenous Rasputin.

Sketches X 2

Two more sketches.

Many sketches.

The Gipsy and others characters.
Coloring sketches is very useful to train my skills with Corel Painter & Photoshop.

Sample pages for France 2.

More samples for the same french editorial. Now in full color.

Sample pages for France 1.

Some pages samples that I sent to Claire de Lune, a french editorial.

Samples for Ape Comics.

Here some of firsts sample pages that I sent to Ape Comics.
Maybe Brent or David remember of them. :)

More stuff of Galaxy Kid!

Some pinups of Galaxy Kid.
Pencils: Rolo - Inks and Color: Luis Amado

Pencils and Color: Rolo

Sketches of Galaxy Kid & Friends...

Here, some sketches of Galaxy Kid's characters that I drew for Galaxy Kid Comics.


Un abrazo grande Luis.

Welcome to my nook!

Hoy tengo el placer de inaugurar mi Artblog. Espero disfruten de su estadía por aquí. Sencillamente, gracias por estar!
Today I'm pleased to inaugurate my Artblog. I hope enjoy his stay around here. Simply, thank you for being!